Thursday, July 09, 2009

Julie's Senior Pictures: UWT Campus [Tacoma Area Photographer]

Julie and I went to UWT together. She is also a photographer so we took each others [college] senior pictures on campus. It kept raining on the days we scheduled to do this and we were running out of time. On this particular day it was raining on and off but we decided to go for it anyway. For many of these shots, I held an umbrella above my camera with one hand while shooting with the other (not an easy thing to do) or set the umbrella up on the ground and laid under it. I was okay with the rain because it made for some really pretty light. Here are some of my favorites of this beautiful girl.

Thanks for a fun shoot Julie! You were a pro at modeling and made my job really easy!

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AmalieMaren said...

I so didn't know you had a photog blog too! I'm still scrolling through but so far this shoot is one of my favorites! LOVE these!