Thursday, February 05, 2009

lindsey and dylan

As a Christmas gift for my sister and her husband, we took them to The Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast, which is where we went on our honeymoon. As part of their gift, we took pictures of them on the grounds. It was freezing but they were troopers. Here are some of my favorites. (I hope you enjoy the preview, Linds and Dylan. Your disk is on its way.)

I'm not sure if I like the color or black and white of this one better.

I really like this one. The light turned out so pretty.

You guys are such a cute couple. I really enjoyed taking and editing these pictures for you.


lilly and dilly said...

Oh you guys are the best!! I love all of these pics.. you did such a great job! Can't wait to show dilly tonight :) Thank you SO much. Love you guys!!!

lilly and dilly said...

You guys did awesome!! I really like them and I didn't think they could ever look this good. Thanks for doing that and you are a great photographer! DSW

Jocelyn said...

Those are so so pretty! I especially like the close up of their faces :) Good shoot!