Monday, April 04, 2011

Kali Lu Photography Workshop

I am back...sort of. We are booking a few shoots for this Summer but not taking many. I still have a lot on my plate but I just love photography so much. To kick-start it off, I wanted to share some pictures from a workshop I attended recently. 

I attended Kali Leenstra's Photography Workshop last Saturday. I loved spending the day with other photographers who are as passionate about photography as I am. Kali is wonderful and her workshop was really fantastic. If you're interested in photography, you should check it out. She has a beginners workshop as well. Kali lined up some amazing models for us to shoot. They made our jobs so easy!

I had a very difficult time narrowing down my favorites, so be prepared to continue scrolling down for a while. Let me know which ones are your favorites.


Kali said...

Ashley, these turned out fabulous! I am so glad you were able to make it to the workshop! Thanks so much for attending and thanks so much for sharing your work! How exciting that you are almost finished with school!

Michaelynn said...

You're back?!! Really? Can we get one of your limited slots for shoots this summer? These pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Great job on the pics. I also had a hard time narrowing down my images to edit from that day...
It was great to meet you at the workshop. I love the new "handwriting/cursive" type font that you use in your watermark on your pictures...can you tell me what it is and where you got it from?
p.s. if you ever need a backup shooter, I'd love to help. Of course, I'm not available on Sundays, but Saturdays are usually available.

Kristen Smith said...

i love these pictures! the colors are awesome!!! Kali photographed my wedding, and we loved working with her. my husband actually gave me a dslr camera from my birthday and I am dying to take a workshop from her! :)