Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christine and Tyler's Engagements

Christine's name is praised in our home, along with her sister Stephanie. These girls (along with our neighbor, Courtney) watched Oliver for us while I was at class twice a week, working on my MSW. I am now in the final stretch of my degree (my practicum). I would not have been able to do it without the help of these girls. Christine and Tyler dated after high school, before his two-year mission to California. They wrote to each other weekly and are now planning their wedding. I love the happiness and excitement that couples portray during engagement shoots.

We started out at Pike's Place Market, in Post Alley. It had been raining on and off, and this provided some nice coverage. Rainy days where the rain stops and there is nice cloud coverage are my favorite for photo shoots. They make for beautiful light.

We were then going to go to Gassworks Park but I had heard on the radio earlier in the week that the Freemont Festival was going on at Gassworks and they were expecting thousands of people, so we switched our venue to Alki Beach. Christine and Tyler changed into t-shirts they had made for them. Tyler's nickname was Flash in high school, so they thought it would be fun to incorporate that into their shoot.

I love this one with the skyline behind them.

Congratulations Christine and Tyler! We are looking forward to taking your wedding pictures in September. I hope you like these. I would love to know which are your favorites.


Christine said...

These are amazing!!! :) I can't pick just one as my favorite, that's for sure. I love the one of us standing in the alley with the market sign behind us; the one of us on the wood with our flash shirts; and the ones of us with the skyline behind us. But really I love them ALL! Thank you so much for doing them for us!

Mel said...

These are amazing! They're my favorite couple shots yet.

jjstringham said...

My favorite: The first one after the flash shirts. But there's a lot of really good ones! They're all great!