Friday, April 06, 2012

Andrea's Maternity Shoot: Heritage Square

I met Andrea in the P.E. locker room when we were in 7th grade. Our lockers were right next to each other. We remained friends through junior high and high school. We toilet papered boy's houses together when we were in junior high, passed notes in class, and endured our dreaded FAA class together. In high school, we double dated / went in the same groups to high school dances together, hung out with a great group of friends, went to football games and parties, and dreamed of our futures. I was one of Andrea's bridesmaids at her wedding and she was one at mine. We have stayed in touch over the years and now 20 years later (wow - it really has been a long time), we are still friends. Andrea recently had her fifth child, Chase. It was fun to get together last month at Heritage Square in Phoenix to do a little photo shoot with her before he joined their family.

Andrea's friend made this onesie for Chase with his last name on it.

I love her cute red shoes.

Andrea, I hope you like them. You are beautiful!

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Andrea said...

Thank you so much for doing the photo shoot despite your busy schedule. I love did such a great job! I'm so glad to have these memories of my pregnancy.

I had forgotten about FFA...didn't we sign up to be near some cute cowboys? That didn't work out so well. Hilarious! =)