Thursday, April 05, 2012

Noor and Katelin's Pre-Wedding Shoot

Being sick is giving me the opportunity to post these pictures, as I am stuck in bed today with tonsilitis. I have been scarce on our photography blog. We moved to Arizona at the end of November and decided not to advertise our business here for the time being since I am working full time as a social worker. It is something that is a part of me, much like photography is. While I wish I could do both right now, I am also a mother and wife and I really don't want to over-commit myself. That being said, we have made a couple of exceptions. One of them was for this cute couple. Katelin is my cousin. She is a cute girl with lots of personality and she is also a photographer, just finishing up her photography degree at ASU. I am so happy she has met someone so great. Noor adores her. It was fun to observe how smitten they are through my lens.

We started out at St. Mary's Bascillica in downtown Phoenix. It was a beautiful location. I captured a few "first look" photos to kick things off.
I think my favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing emotion. This is why I love photographing couples in love. I am clicking my shutter button as fast as I can to capture nonstop emotion that just keeps coming. There are looks of awe and adoration, like the one on Noor's face above. There are smiles and laughter, looks of contentment, security and peace. There are sometimes tears of joy. I love peeking into relationships. 

I love how romantic this one feels. Soft light, leaning in for a kiss...
One of my favorites. I love the framing of the trees. 

We then walked around downtown Phoenix and stopped where inspiration struck.

We finished up at The Orpheum Theater.

I love this one above too. 

Yay for young love. Leave a comment to let the happy couple know which ones you love. Coming up soon: Andrea's maternity shoot and Katelin and Noor's wedding.

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